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Recover: Muscle & Joint Balm



Muscle & Joint Balm

Relieve and recover with a soothing blend of oils, herbs, & essences. Lovingly melt between palms & massage 1-3x/day. / Not advised if pregnant. / External use only.

Full Ingredient List

*organic, ^wild harvest, +non-spray

Oils*: Sesame, Castor, & Sunflower / Beeswax* / Herbs*: Ashwagandha, Bala, Vidari Kanda, Neem, Guggulu / EO: Sweet Birch^, Ginger+, Juniper Berry^, Coriander+


We make our own herbal infused oil by way of ancient ayurvedic tradition to ensure you receive the benefits of these potent herbs.
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