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Eclipse Edition Products


Made during the 2017 North American solar eclipse, this precious oil is infused with revered ayurvedic herbs intended to support stability of self, radiance of spirit, & clarity of mind.

Eclipse Anointing Oil (1oz)

With love and purpose, apply this oil to pulse points, marma points, chakra centers, or where intuition guides you.

  • Palo santo essential oil infuses inner and outer space with intention.

Eclipse Body Oil (2 or 4oz)

Lovingly massage into the skin, from extremities to trunk. Apply before, during, or after a shower. Leave a light layer of oil to nourish the skin.

BATH: Add 1-2 TBSP to warm bath. Massage while soaking.

  • Our signature Wild Herbal blend of spearmint, lavender, and aged patchouli brings this oil to your senses.

Modern Mystic Ritual Kit

usually $50.00 / on sale for $40.00
This collection of sacred items invites you to turn inward and listen for truth. The kit includes:
  • Eclipse Anointing Oil (1oz)
  • Sugilite Crystal Pocket Stone
  • Tealight Candle
  • Practice Guide
  • and a bonus
  • Mini Sandalwood Vanilla Mist
The Practice Guide offers different anointing sequences for Stability, Radiance, or Clarity, as well as 2 different Chakra Anointing sequences. It also outlines how to use your crystal and offers a candle meditation.

Key Ingredients:
  • Dasha moola grounds and stabilizes;
  • Shankha pushpi steadies the nerves and sharpens the mind;
  • Shatavari nourishes and supports;
  • Calamus root awakens clear and truthful communication.
Other Ingredients:
  • Sesame Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Castor Oil

With stability, radiance, and clarity, we answer this call to live in the light of our highest good and the highest good of all creation.

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