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Condition: Skin & Hair Oil



Skin & Hair Oil

The dynamic duo of neem leaf and coconut oil are your new best friends. Together they have shown positive effect on most conditions of redness, inflammation, irritation, burn, cellulite, scarring, stretch marks, dryness, frizz, and damage.

SKIN: Massage into aging, irritated, or sunburnt skin or cellulite. Enjoy the cool, soothing, & toning effect. / HAIR: Work into roots of dry/frizzy/damaged hair. Leave in 30 mins/overnight. Cleanse with gentle shampoo. / External use only.


Neem is a popular ingredient in many skin and hair products world-wide, offering the benefit of anti-inflammatory, purifying, clarifying, and toning actions.

Coconut oil has become a household remedy for its antibacterial, cooling, soothing, and nourishing benefits.


We make our own neem infused oil by way of ancient ayurvedic tradition to ensure you receive the benefits of this potent herb.
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