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Nasya Oil

A traditional Ayurvedic remedy for dry nostrils, congested sinuses, nervous tension, & headache, our Nasya oil is handcrafted by gently infusing the oil with herbs over low heat for 2 days. To use, gently massage 3-5 drops of oil in each nostril morning and night.

Clear Head Nasya Oil (.5oz)

Calamus root clears & opens the sinus passages as essential oils awaken the senses. Good for headache, breathing, & sinus congestion.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Sesame Oil* / Calamus Root*, Shankha Pushpi* / Rosemary Verbenone EO*, Eucalyptus EO* (*organic)


  • Calamus Root gently dilates the breathing passages of the nostrils while decongesting any accumulated mucous in the sinuses. Unlike OTC decongestants, our Nasya Oil will not dry out the mucous membranes. Instead, the oil nourishes the tissue as the herb keeps you clear.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil: Its subtle stimulating action aids in concentration and focus for the mind.

Calm Mind Nasya Oil (.5oz)

Brahmi imparts clarity & calm as essential oils please the senses. A remedy for dry sinuses, overactive mind, & taxed nerves.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Sesame Oil* / Brahmi*, Shankha Pushpi* / Sandalwood EO+, Lavender EO, Coriander CO2 (+ethically harvested)


  • Brahmi has an affinity for the brain and nervous system, imparting clarity and calm. Delivering this herb via medicated oil through the sinus passages is an ideal way to benefit from its healing gift.
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil is a rare and sacred treasure for the senses. Sandalwood trees must mature 30 years before harvesting for this oil. The preeminent species, (santalum album), originally grown in Mysore, India is endangered and increasingly rare. The sandalwood oil used in our nasya is ethically grown and harvested in the nearby Tamil Nadu region.

    Herbal Steam Kit (.56oz/16g or 1.13oz/32g)

    Enhance the benefit of steaming for the respiratory system by steeping this aromatic herbs in a bowl of hot water. Eucalyptus leaf, cardamom pods, peppermint leaf, star anise, and bay leaf gently open the sinus passageways clearing the way for better breathing and a calmly focused mind.

    Add 1tsp - 1tbsp herbs to 2 cups steaming hot water in a wide bowl. With a towel over your head over the bowl, breathe deeply for about 5 minutes. A great way to prepare and cleanse the passages before applying our Nasya Oil.

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