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Image of Gemme Eau Fraîche — 2oz

Gemme Eau Fraîche — 2oz


A light all-natural mist for your body, linens, and atmosphere.

Pure essential oils, CO2 extracts, and hydrosols generously offer their aromatherapeutic benefits. Each handcrafted batch is energized with crystals over a complete moon cycle.


vata-pacifying / formerly Rosewood Vanilla

Warming, grounding, & calming; perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Earthy vetiver & strong rosewood ground and stabilize the mind & nerves. Sweet vanilla & spicy ginger warm the spirit.

  • Liquid Base: Distilled Water & Perfumers Alcohol
  • Hydrosols: Vanilla*, Sandalwood*
  • Essences: Vetiver^, Tulsi*, Rosewood*, Ginger* (^wild harvested, *organic)
  • Gemstones: garnet, quartz


pitta-pacifying / formerly Cedar Lavender

Cooling, calming, & refreshing; perfect for times of high stress or summer season. Notes of sweet Himalayan cedar and bright coriander are balanced by calming lavender to dispel heat & soothe the mind.

  • Liquid Base: Distilled Water & Perfumers Alcohol
  • Hydrosols: Rose
  • Essences: Himalayan Cedarwood^, Coriander*, Lavender*, Peppermint* (^wild harvested, *organic)
  • Gemstones: flourite, quartz


kapha-pacifying / formerly Rosemary Citrus

Warming, stimulating, & motivating; perfect for early mornings and the late-winter & spring seasons. Fresh rosemary & pungent pepper brightened by citrus awaken the mind, inspiring focus and creativity.

  • Liquid Base: Distilled Water & Perfumers Alcohol
  • Essences: Forest Pine^, Rosemary*, Bergamot*, Red Grapefruit*, Black Pepper* (^wild harvested, *organic)
  • Gemstones: citrine, herkimer diamond, quartz


tridoshic / formerly Wild Herbal

Fresh, balanced, & clear; perfect for any constitution, season, or time of day. Sweet spearmint & herbal lavender merge with aged patchouli for a balanced effect that promotes balanced digestion, steady nerves and clear mind.

  • Liquid Base: Distilled Water & Perfumers Alcohol
  • Essences: Lavender*, Spearmint*, Patchouli (*organic)
  • Gemstones: amethyst, quartz

Mini Sampler

The perfect way to explore all 4 of our popular formulas.

One each in the Mini size in a burlap bundle:
  • Ground
  • Soothe
  • Ignite
  • Balance

You can find the Rose Hydrosol under Facial Care Products and our Sleep Well Pillow Mist under Sleep Well Products.

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