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Body & Linen Mists — Mini


The perfect size for small bags, travel, and gifts! Mist your body or in the air to enjoy the intriguing scent and beneficial effects of our mists. Each mist is handcrafted of only all natural ingredients.

Rosewood Vanilla

Calm the nerves and still the mind.

This Vata-balancing formula is warming, grounding, & calming; perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Earthy vetiver & strong rosewood ground and stabilize the mind & nerves. Sweet vanilla & spicy ginger warm the spirit.

Ingredients: Distilled Water / Grain Alcohol / Jojoba Oil / Essential Oils of Vanilla, Vetiver^, Tulsi*, Rosewood*, Ginger* (^wild harvested, *organic)

Cedar Lavender

Cool down, ground the nerves and refresh the mind.

This Pitta-balancing formula is cooling, calming, & refreshing; perfect for summertime. Notes of sweet Himalayan cedar and bright coriander are balanced by calming lavender to dispel heat & soothe the mind.

Ingredients: Distilled Water / Rose Hydrosol / Grain Alcohol / Essential Oils of Himalayan Cedarwood^, Coriander*, Lavender*, Peppermint* (^wild harvested, *organic)

Rosemary Citrus

Awaken inspiration, motivation, and clarity.

This Kapha-balancing formula is warming, stimulating, & motivating; perfect for early mornings and the late-winter & spring seasons. Fresh rosemary, exotic cardamom & pungent pepper brightened by citrus awaken the mind, inspiring focus and creativity.

Ingredients: Distilled Water / Rosemary Hydrosol* / Grain Alcohol / Essential Oils of Forest Pine^, Bergamot*, Pink Grapefruit**, Cardamom*, Pink Pepper (^wild harvested, *organic)

Wild Herbal

Refresh & bring clarity to the mind, soothe & balance the nerves.

This Tridoshic formula is balancing, neutralizing, & clearing, making it appropriate to any constitution, season, or time of day. Sweet spearmint & herbal lavender merge with aged patchouli for a balanced effect that promotes balanced digestion, steady nerves and clear mind.

Ingredients: Distilled Water / Grain Alcohol / Essential Oils of Lavender*, Spearmint*, Patchouli (*organic)

Rose Hydrosol

Inspire devotion, nurture the heart, calm the nerves, and refresh the mind.

Hydrosols are the direct byproduct of the essential oil distilling process as the steam condenses into water. Rose is sweet, pungent, bitter and astringent, offering many healing benefits to all three doshas, making it a golden choice in aroma and ayurvedic therapy.

Use this mist for your body when overheated or in your eyes and on your skin when red, itchy or irritated. Use as a facial toner as part of your daily routine. Rose is also known to support women through hormonal imbalance. // Ingredients: Lebanese Rose Hydrosol

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